All you need is صبر

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A bit of a two-fold message here! All I could think about in that half an hour of spare time I finally had today 🙂

Tomorrow I’m leaving for a five-day trip that involves six airports, two destination countries, a wedding, a baptism and quite a few lovely people, so I’m extremely happy and excited and just a little bit nervous for everything to go smoothly… Perhaps as I wait for one of my flights I’ll manage to write something in Arabic. One can hope 😉

Meanwhile: this little mixed calligraphy motivational quote of sorts should tattoo in my mind the difference betweenصبر sabr – patience and صبار sabbar – cactus !! I looooove that the two words have the same root though hehehe.

Tata for now… a selfie may come soon(ish)!


Communist calligraphy

Communist calligraphy

I know it’s Women’s Day and I could be doing something about that, but hey! One of my closest cousins lent me his computer when I needed it and, in exchange for the favour, I told him I’d write him whatever he wanted in Arabic calligraphy. Now… it just so happens that what he wanted was the following incredible couple of sentences:

Welcome to this humble abode. The landlord [name of my cousin] will welcome you with a smile and a closed fist and peace and harmony. May hammer and sickle be in your heart.

Of course I honoured his request, little drawing of a hammer and sickle included!!

As you can see, I smudged the ink in several spots, I got at least one alif terrrrribly wrong and there were places where I honestly did not know where to place the dots. All in all, it’s quite a mess and, were I more serious than I truly am, I would have made it all again from the start. But instead I told myself, “No! It is important that in the future you be able to go back and trace your very beginnings. It is important that you may see how far you’ve gone and smile at this first attempt of yours at writing a whooole paragraph!!“.

So here we are. With many thanks to my official translator Ramy 🙂 and to my cousin, for the unexpected challenge! 🙂



From A to Y

My adoration of the Arabic language started from here: its alphabet.
Tracing practice with calligraphic pen 🙂

P.s. my favourite will always be fa, qof, and ya – which also always make me laugh because of how they sound. But I honestly love for their looks (how superficial of me haha), not for the punny jokes you can build around them! I promise 😉


Love is brave

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Inspired by a February lettering challenge on Instagram – “love is brave as hell”, said the original prompt. I thought about it and yes, I found it to be true, because so many people are currently going through hell in a fairly literal sense and still go on bravely, powered by their love for their family, for life and for who knows what else. I just wanted to take hell out of the sentence and add in a mix of languages and alphabets instead 🙂

الحب شجاع @theinkyway