All you need is صبر

DSC06890 (2)

A bit of a two-fold message here! All I could think about in that half an hour of spare time I finally had today 🙂

Tomorrow I’m leaving for a five-day trip that involves six airports, two destination countries, a wedding, a baptism and quite a few lovely people, so I’m extremely happy and excited and just a little bit nervous for everything to go smoothly… Perhaps as I wait for one of my flights I’ll manage to write something in Arabic. One can hope 😉

Meanwhile: this little mixed calligraphy motivational quote of sorts should tattoo in my mind the difference betweenصبر sabr – patience and صبار sabbar – cactus !! I looooove that the two words have the same root though hehehe.

Tata for now… a selfie may come soon(ish)!


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