If the mountain doesn’t go to Muhammad…

…Muhammad will go to the mountain!!!

I have just realised we have this saying in Italian*, where the Muhammad in question HAS GOT TO BE the Muhammad, and I have no idea why / where it comes from / all of that. Fun mystery!!

Hello friends, marhaba asdiqa’ 🙂
I’m not officially back but I did want to say something: in accordance with above-mentioned saying, since I still can’t manage to find the time (and brains) to study Arabic nowadays, I just made the Arabic come to ME! How? Well…

facebook in arabo



I know, I know. I either have already gone crazy or soon will. But I thought this strategy was worth a try 😉

Updates soon. Soon-ish. Whenever.
Much love / Hubb kathyr  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



* “Se la montagna non va da Maometto, Maometto va alla montagna” hehehe

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