OT – Global Millennial Network

I’ve been told I’m a millennial (well yes, I did “reach young adulthood in the early 21st century”, I can confirm that).

I’ve also been told that we millennials are innovative but not interested in policy (may be mostly true) and that on the contrary governments are, surprise surprise, interested in policy but not as innovative as it would be auspicable for them to be (fact!).

Well now a good friend of mine has set up a startup, Global Millennial Network, that aims to tackle both problems through a team of talented young professionals from all over the world. I believe in their potential, which is why I am taking this moment to encourage you to learn a bit about them.

Let’s show the world that we ‘generation Y’ are not as useless as we seem, shall we? 😉



p.s. sorry, guys – still haven’t gotten into my new routine and even got sick, so my usual posts will have to wait a little longer before I resurface! I’m doing everything I can and miss Arabic, calligraphy, etc so I’ll definitely be back sooner or later!!!

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