Tiny announcement

Hello lovely people from Jordan, Italy, the US, the UK, Switzerland, Romania, France, Spain, Germany, Vietnam, the UAE, Iraq, Belgium, Indonesia, Latvia, Portugal, Israel, Egypt, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Qatar, Lebanon, Sweden, Denmark, Georgia, Australia, Canada, Norway, India, Lithuania, Croatia, Brazil, Ireland, Macau, Nicaragua, Poland, Austria, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Palestinian Territories, Colombia, Tunisia, Morocco, Hong Kong, Bahrain, the Philippines, Serbia, Slovenia, Tanzania, Russia, Japan, Greece, South Korea, South Africa, Thailand, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Mexico who regularly or occasionally read/ have read this blog!

Woah that’s… SIXTY-ONE COUNTRIES? Seriously?? Awww I had never paid attention to the country stats before!!! Exciting!

With the start of my new job tomorrow, I am taking one week of complete break from this blog. It will be painful because I have grown very attached to it; but it will also be necessary for my mental and physical health, I think. I hope it can be just a week and not longer – just the time to adjust to my new life rhythms basically 🙂

Just so you know, my new employer is https://www.wep.it/ and I am super excited to join their high school exchange programme team in just a few hours!!!!! While unfortunately there is no Arabic involved, I see it as an important way to contribute to the expansion of positive inter- and multi-cultural relationships in this conflicted world where neighbours fight each other mostly based on ignorance and greed. But before I get to philosophical and all… bye. Hope to see you again soon 😉


p.s. two weeks, actually


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