The measure of a person…

The measure of a person…

As my first day of new job approaches, I realise that I am getting more and more excited as well as more and more stressed, despite the fact it’s really quite hard for me to get stressed. And in fact it’s a type of nervousness rather than real stress, something that literally flies my nerves up on the surface of my skin. Rationally I know it’s a useless and totally unnecessary feeling, but I learnt a while ago that I can’t fully control my body 😛 so instead I’m trying to find a ‘cure‘, so to say; some kind of thought to bring the nerves back down where they belong… especially as everything will be just FINE hahaha, and even if I worry about not having enough time for all I want to do, I mean – we are all certainly going to survive and be happy even if I stop doing something. I know that! I just don’t like the mere idea of having to drop something.

On my wall of postcards, in the kitchen, there is one intruder that, whoops, is not a postcard.


See it? …well you can’t, because apparently I took this picture before I added that as the last perfect detail hahaha!!! And I can’t be bothered to take a new picture now, I’m sorry. This intruder is the business card of a friend of mine, printed both sides, because on the back it says, in a very simple yet effective font:

the measure of a person is determined by the challenges they accept

not by their successes,
not by their talent,
but by what they accept to take on.

Now, this is something that resonates with me deeply. One of my favourite quotes ever. And since I feel that I’ll need to remind it to myself soon and often, I’ve decided to try and translate it in Arabic, even though I’ll probably make a mess. I want my measure to be determined by this challenge, too 😉  But! I haven’t learnt how to make passives yet, so I’ll turn it around and change it a bit: the challenges you accept determine your measure!!

challenges = التحديات | attahaddiat
to accept = يقبل | yaqbal?
to determine =  يحدد | yuhaddid
measure = قياس | qiyaas

التحديات التي تقبلينها، تحدد قياسك

lit. the challenges which you (female singular) accept them, they determine your (female sing.) measure.

I need to ask Asma’a/Ramy/someone if this is correct haha 😛 I want to start every day by saying it – with correct pronunciation, of course! I can practice my different “ha”s hahaha!!

Oh, that picture of me above is absolutely random, by the way. My little sister took it when she last came to visit me 🙂

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