Grammar crammer: the feminine plural

Another lovely Qasid grammar video.

I thought I knew the rules that make (regular) feminine plural: just add ات at the end of words and you’re done, right? Hahahaa. Apparently not 😛 Or, YES, but that’s just for nouns – what about all the rest, all those other situations where all people involved are female?

  • You are girls –> أنتن بنات, antunna banat
  • where are your books? –> أين كتبكن؟, ayn kutubkunna?
  • They are girls –> هن بنات, hunna banat
  • where are their books? –> أين كتبهن؟, ayn kutubhunna?
  • I think they are in their house –> أظن انهن في بيتهن, azzunn annahunna fi baytihinna
  • You (girls) did –> أنتن فعلتن, antunna faeltunna
  • You (girls) do –> أنتن تفعلن, antunna tafaelna
  • They (girls) did/do –> هن فعلن / يفعلن, hunna faelna / yafaelna
  • They are the girls who… –> هن البنات اللواتي, hunna albanat allawati

There we go 🙂 Note that those, هؤلاء, is the same word for masculine and feminine contexts. And another thing: plural in ات never takes fatha or tanween fatha as a case ending! It takes instead the kasra version in both mansub and majrur cases 😉

Now will I remember all this? Bets are open…

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