Mission: unthinkable

It would seem that I have a natural propension to making my life easier by making it more difficult. Or was it the opposite? Maybe both.

The fact today is that I’ve decided to have a stricter blogging schedule, starting from next week or anyway, for sure, from my first day of work at WEP (Monday, March 13th). The general idea would be that having said stricter schedule should help me know what to write about every day, and keep consistent. There’s nothing I love more than being all empirical and getting things wrong by actually trying them, so YAY 😛 😉 Besides, let’s say you’re only interested in a certain type of posts- from now on you’ll supposedly be able to know which day of the week your topics of interest will be posted.

What’s the schedule like? Not impossible, but pretty improbable, or unthinkable as I like to put it:

  • MONDAY – read MENA news, comment
  • TUESDAY – do new piece of Arabic grammar, post summary and examples
  • WEDNESDAY – Arabic calligraphy
  • THURSDAY – produce a piece of Arabic writing and/or translation
  • FRIDAY – review time! watch a MENA film or video/ listen to MENA music/ visit MENA-related places or exhibitions/ read MENA-related something, and comment
  • SATURDAY – up to you
  • SUNDAY – video with Arabic reading and/or speaking

I got some tough love going on for myself, I know… just like to think of myself in superhero terms, what can I do :3 Please do stick around and follow my very likely failure and rare successes!!!


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