Nablus Festival!!

Nablus Festival!!

Maaarhaba friends! Please allow me a little moment of (100% spontaneous) advertisement today: have you heard of the Nablus Festival before?

  • YES –> ok that’s excellent, good stuff
  • NO –> you will now!

Here’s a link to an explanatory video by organiser-in-chief Hakim Sabbah himself; you can also find more info on the Nablus Festival Facebook page or on its website. Then of course I could also just quote myself from my Nablus blog post back in December when I visited. Aaand if you can read Italian, there’s more on Hakim and his brilliant endeavours in my article both on my portfolio and on the website of the magazine I published it with.

Ah, if you’re more of a visual curiosity person, there, look at last year’s leaflet cover:

Image result for nablus festival 2017

and this year’s (I think)

Image result for nablus festival 2017

SO! Yep, no, am not going to tell you what it’s all about but come on, find out for yourself! Give this extraordinary Palestine-based event two minutes of your time and, if you can, think about going – if not to this edition, then to the next.

Go Project Hope, go Hakim, go Nablus!!!!!

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