So on January 1st I said this… whoops!

It’s surprisingly been two months already since the beginning of the new year and, hey, remember? On January 1st I had said a few things about what I’d do to keep up my Arabic and all things (in my opinion) related. Now- we all know what it’s like with New Year’s Resolutions 😛 So let’s just review those for a second and try to make sure I keep on track:

  • I will do my best to utter and/or write at least one sentence in Arabic every day
    Hmm okay, I’m not doing too bad in this respect; I certainly do say or write something in Arabic most days, be it even just a whispered ‘bismillah’ or a text to a friend –> ✔
  • I will take some time to specifically read MENA news at least once a week
    Well do HRW and UNHCR newsletters count? If yes, … ✔
    but I could definitely make it more of a definite point *taking note on scrap paper*
  • I will actively look for jobs and/or volunteer work that require me to practice my Arabic and/or to be in contact with people from Arabic-speaking countries
    My upcoming job doesn’t need my Arabic, no –> ✘
    but I’m volunteering with Paper Airplanes to tutor a Syrian refugee in English, and on occasion Arabic does come in handy and she teaches me new words!! –> ✔
  • I will keep writing here i.e. push myself to find something mildly interesting to post every day on the topics I have set myself to focus on
    Yep! Finding it hard to stick to the daily schedule and -I know you must’ve noticed- I often just write three or four posts on one day to make up for lost ones, but I am more or less keeping this resolution going 🙂 –> ✔
  • I will study the Qur’an, page after page, at least twice a month and reach out to Muslim friends and other (trusted) sources to try and clarify whatever I may be puzzled about
    I have most certainly not done this, no; I think part of me just doesn’t know how to go on about it, actually, as I don’t even know my own religion that well and have many questions unanswered on that topic – so mayyyybe it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to be exploring something else before I’ve figured out step 1, don’t know. We’ll see but for now it’s definitely a –> ✘
  • I will learn more about refugee health, especially mental health
    A big X for this one too, but it’s also because contrary to expectations I haven’t found a job that has to do with refugees, so… hmmm big decisions to be taken soon –> ✘
  • I will try and cook some Middle-Eastern dishes and discover where in the city of Torino I can find the best falafels, shawarma etc!!
    Not done this and want to!! In my defense, my new place only got a dinner table two days ago and so far I had no reason to go and eat out – but yesss from this month on I shall abide to this self-suggestion! 🙂 –> ✘

TOTAL: 4✘ + 4✔

I suppose I just about pass the term 😉
Next report card at the end of April!

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