Lyse Doucet

Quick one (I unfortunately will have less and less free time from now on, honestly don’t know how I’ll keep up with Arabic and this blog since I’m struggling already)-

I randomly found a new source of MiddleEast-related news with opinions that I think seems interesting and trustworthy, so I wanted to share this.

The ‘source’ is also a fairly inspirational person, from what I’ve been able to learn so far: her name is Lyse Doucet and she’s the chief international correspondent for the BBC, and quite an experienced one it would seem! She’s British-Canadian and she looks like this:

Image result for lyse doucet

Image result for lyse doucet

Her most recent articles (I’m looking at this page here) are titled

  • Is Saudi Arabia on the cusp of change?
  • Syria peace talks: armed groups come in from the cold
  • Aleppo siege: “We are crying and afraid”
  • Can dealmaker Trump seal Middle East peace?
  • Why is Russia engaged in Aleppo?
  • New UN chief Antonio Guterres will listen to the world
  • New Canadians‘ settle in as refugee acceptances slow
  • Two men from Baghdad – the artist and the entrepreneur
  • […]

In principle, I’d now like to read ALL of them. In practice, she seems to publish something new about once or twice a month, which is great because it means I should be able to read her pieces regularly from now on. In any case, thank you Lyse 🙂

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