Reading the Holy Qur’an as a total ignorant: sura #1

Ok maybe I’m exaggerating- I’m not a total ignorant on Islam. I’m probably 92% ignorant though, so really there isn’t that much difference! What I do know is that the five pillars of Islam are, erm, I think 

  1. that there is only one God, maybe?
  2. praying five times a day
  3. the zarqa or however it is called, I mean the sort of compulsory tax for charitable purposes
  4. Ramadan? possibly?
  5. and perhaaaaps the Hajj/ pilgrimage to Mecca?

I promise I haven’t looked anything up. I honestly wanted to try and test myself on this and will only check once I’ve finished writing this post!! So yes, I studied the five pillars of Islam back in the days I was writing my bachelor thesis on Islamic microfinance, which was very inspiring by the way; and apart from that all I know is stuff I’ve learnt from Muslim friends as well as from the movie “Bilal“, haha! Oh, there was also one booklet titled “What is Islam?” that I got for free in Jerusalem and read a bit while my friend was in the mosque; but that was mostly about the correct way to pray and all things related.

So what does this 92% ignorant kid want from the Holy Qur’an?
I’m not sure. I guess I’m curious! Part of me just wants to use it as an opportunity to practice Arabic, while the other part is excited to learn more about its sociological, historical, anthropological facets. So here, I bought a copy and I’m going to read it, little by little, sura by sura, and to comment what I read from the shallowness of my 92% ignorance. With a terrible angle, too. Horrible reading skills. And without really knowing what I’m doing.

I suppose I’m bound to success 😛
(please bear with me while I get there!)

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