Fun stats

Heyyyy this is my first “random mix” post!! Haha 😛

I was just looking at the stats for my posts on here, and… lol. I don’t know. I love them and don’t get them at the same time. Like, how did it happen that on January 29th I was visited by people from Egypt, India, South Africa, Germany and the US who all read seven posts from different months and apparently got there through “unknown search terms”, search engines or the WordPress reader? I don’t have more than a couple faithful followers so how would people even find me on the WordPress reader and what kind of search terms would lead to this blog before anything else? Wooooow hahaha.

I mean, clearly I’ve never studied IT or anything, but this really blows my mind and it kinda does in a way that counteracts, for example, acts like that guy’s who enraged me the other day. I find it really beautiful how we’re all more or less randomly connected nowadays ❤ and sorry if today I write like a teenager even more than usual!

By the way, thank you people who read me because, though there isn’t tons and tons of you, even when I stopped posting for quite sometime there were only three days when nobody visited my blog – and that adds meaning to my writing. Thank you, shukran, grazie, merci, gracias, obrigada, dekujem, tesekkurler, danke, etc etc!


Ok – end of the random teen glory moment and fun stats examination.
Have a glorious weekend 🙂

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