Joy with my new toy

That smart Arabic keyboard I talked about in yesterday’s post (result #1) is officially super duper trouper awesome ❤❤❤❤❤ Now I have no more excuses not to write lenghty messages to Arabic-speaking friends, yeeeeee. Imagine how happy they’ll all be now! 😛 😉 😀 (yes, I’m very winky today)

First thing, I finally formulated a reply to a friend’s message from the beginning of January (yes, I’m also that shameless):


اتمنى لك رحلة امنة – في أمام الله
شكراً كثيراً لدراستي تلك الكلمات، رامي!! أنا اسفة انني لم اكتب لك لوقت طويل! كنت مشغولة ولكن أيضاً لم أتذكر… أنا لست صديقة جيدة.
كيف كانت رحلتك لمصر؟ كيف عائلتك؟ ويلية، هل هي تمام؟ اتمنى أن كل الأشخاص ممتازون!!! لو سمحت كلمني أين نفسك واخبرك! أعرف أن مفرداتي محدودة جداً ولكن أنا سعدة أن أقول لك انني ادرس اللغة العربية مع استاذة جديدة من القاهرة ألان وسأحاول أن اكتب لك أكثر مرات من ألان. اريني


Second, I properly translated this other message from my new teacher, which I had (as you can see from my uber-confident reply hehe) already understood in its general sense, but I didn’t find 100% clear on a word-by-word basis. This actually has nothing to do with the new keyboard but whateverrr! Oh, experiment: let’s compare my initial guessed translation with the proper one.

Guessed translation: Irene my dear, there is a…plan? to travel on the coming Saturday … three days, if you change and have time we can … tomorrow or on Friday and then not on Saturday 🙂 // Irene the trip …got cancelled?, I will be available on Saturday as we …agreed? 😉
Proper translation: Irene my dear, there is the POSSIBILITY to travel next Saturday for a PERIOD of three days, if you WOULD LIKE and have time we can talk tomorrow or on Friday INSTEAD OF Saturday // Irene the travel WAS POSTPONED, I will be available on Saturday as we agreed (yes! 🙂 ).

Okay, nice! I shall definitely repeat this experiment in the future, it feels useful!! So, new words:

عزيزة | aeziza | …why does Google Translate now tell me it means bench?? Lol
إحتمال | ihtimal | possibility
مدة | mada (?) | period, duration
ترغبين | targhabin | you (f) want
بدلا من | badalaan min | instead of
لقد تاجيل | laqad tajil | I have to postpone 

Third… no, this post is long enough already. I’ll write more tomorrow!!

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