I talk weird and I know it

​سباح الخير اسماء! كيف الحال اليوم؟ انا اسفة ولكن اظن ان هو احسا لي لو درسنا في يوم السبت في السباح، ليس في يوم الاحد في المساء مثل تكلمنا. ما كان عندي حق ههههه انا اسفة جدا. هل هو السبت في ساعة ١١ او ١٢ ممكن لك؟ شكرا كثير واتمنى لك اسبوع جميل


Arabic piece of writing of the day! Have I made any mistakes, apart from the fact I talk weird? 😉

Good morning Asmaa! How is it going today? I’m sorry but I think that it’s better for me if our class is on Saturday mornings, not on Sunday evenings like we spoke (LOL). I wasn’t right (lit. I didn’t have reason) hehehe I’m very sorry. Is Saturday at 11 or 12 possible for you? Thanks a lot and I wish you a beautiful week 🙂

Poor Asmaa got herself a complicated student, I’m afraid 😛 but she’s sooooooo nice!! The first reason I like her is that she’s so laid-back and relaxed in a way… Just like my old teachers I miss tons

P.s. many thanks to WhatsApp, technology and the internet in general: I honestly can’t imagine what it would be like to study languages and keep them all up without them! Call me generation Y or whatever I am 

5 thoughts on “I talk weird and I know it

  1. Hahahaha yeah no problem but first of all it’s Nada 😃
    The difference between the ص & س
    So it’s صباح الخير and الصباح
    And you’re talking to a girl so it’s أنتي كتبتيه
    finally حلوة not حالو
    كثيرا not كثيز
    احسن not احسا
    So we have ( حلوة cause she is a girl )
    أحسن و كثيرا
    I’m sorry if I made it long but you’re amazing and trying your best

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    1. Lol I can’t believe I even got your name wrong, clearly I was trying to read too quickly 😛 sorry Nada!!! and thank youuuu, this is fantastic! I should have already known all those things really, so thanks a lot for drawing my attention to them. I wish I could exchange the favour with something else, let me know! 🙂

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      1. Hahahaha it’s OK 😜 . I love arabic language so that was nothing you needn’t to thank me . Thank you for your offer and whenever you need help don’t be shy and ask me 😃😃
        Wish you luck in your learning journey

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