That incredible Arab eyesight

No, seriously- I’ve been joking about it for a while, but it’s got to be a real thing– I for one will probably have to start wearing a pair of magnifying glasses specifically to continue my Arabic studies!

I say this because I’ve just had my first Skype lesson (a short trial one) with my official new Arabic teacher Asmaa from Cairo! It was great 😀 I really like her 😀 and it was super duper wonderful to talk to a native Arabic speaker again and realise that OK, I have forgotten a lot but can still say a couple things, and more than anything I can understaaaaand a fair bit!!! And when I don’t understand, I’m really crazily good at guessing haha. At least so it would appear 😉

So where does the eyesight thing come in? Well, of course we’re on Skype so when I don’t know a word she writes it for me on the Skype messaging thing. And it’s just as small as on email, Facebook, and all other internet places! Except for some reason I find it awesomely manageable when I’m on my phone (say, I have no problems understanding the Arabic-speaking Instagrammers I follow) while the laptop screen seems to make the Arabic script shrink and sink (now look at this fabulous alliterating rhyme!!).

But I talked enough. Here’s the list of the new words I learnt today in my half-hour conversation with Asmaa, as I’d really love to lose some more eyesight today:

عمل تطوعي | eamal tatawwaei | volunteer work
محدود  | mahdud | limited
كلمني عن نفسك | kallimini ean nafsik | tell me about yourself
صارمة | sarima | strict
كبار | kibar | adults/seniors
صحافة | sahafa | journalism (I knew it already but forgot and confused it with tourism!)
أطمح  | atmah | I wish
رية منزل | riyat manzal | housewife
للأسف  | lilasif | unfortunately
مضحك | mudh’hik | funny
زحمة | zahma | crowd
عندك حق | aindik haqq | you’re right 🙂

Now the challenge is- will I manage to memorize them all by Sunday night, when we’ll have our first real lesson? Eeeeh…



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