I’ll tell you what: whenever I receive an email in Arabic nowadays, part of my heart goes “OH, NO” because it’s soooo hard to switch alphabet and see those tiny tiny letters on the screen (WHYYY are they so tiny?! Do Arabs have better eyesight than other people???). The other part though jumps with joyyyyy because hey, I love Arabic! – and the combined effect is similar to… I don’t know… one of those sparkly bouncing balls we used to buy for €1 when we were children? 😛

In the past few days I was lucky enough to get three emails (two of which from my soon-to-be new Arabic teacher! Excitiiiiiing) and my bouncing ball basically dealt with them by reading them a bunch of times, ignoring them for a few days and finally replying to all of them at the same time, which took me ONE HOUR. One hour. Oh wait, I’ve actually only replied to two of them. Lol. 

But! to be fair, I didn’t just write my teacher back in that hour: as very clearly, beautifully and modestly shown by the above pictures, ladies and gentlemen, I also re-wrote those same emails so that I’d remember the spelling of the words I had just read; and I tried to apply a couple of calligraphic techniques to my writing, too. Some sort of 3-in-1 time-saving package, I guess 😀 Please remember me if it ever becomes famous, successful and all that.

Notes to self:
– definitely need to work on my alifs, kafs and lams more
– remember your calligraphy teacher and write more slowly!!
– you’d better study those new words FOR REAL!
– go answer that third email now 😉

p.s. there’s a typo in the first email, because there actually was a typo in the email and I forgot to correct it. Whoops!


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