Marhaba Irini

Marhaba Irini,

Kayfa halok?
Sono Asmaa e questo il mio e-mail, fammi sapere quando ci sentiamo
A dopo
Salam 😉
Arabic mixed with Italian: this is new for me.

Marhaba Asmaa,

shokran kathyr! Shahadtu risalatik walakin ana asifa, alan ana mashghoula!!!!
Sa’aktub ghadan 😉
Salam a3leik!!
Translitteration of Arabic into Latin script: this is not new but…always weird haha.
So anyway, I might start classes with a new (Egyptian!) teacher soon!! Fingers crossed for new learning beginnings. And if it isn’t her -second Asma’a of my life, by the way- it will be someone else because I really really want to get back into serious studying. How many times have I repeated that yet? 😛

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