The bartender + presents mini-story

Happy Christmas Eve to whoever celebrates it! Disclaimer: my Arabic mini-story of the day will try to somewhat include my new word from yesterday, bartender, as well as an additional new one.

اليوم لم اشاهد النادل “مشال” لانه في ميلان وانا في مدينتي الصغيرة اسمها “كزلي منفراتو” الان. ولكن شاهدت بعص من ناسي المفضلون!!! مثلان في الصباح كنت مع صديقتي المفضلة وبعد ذلك مع صديقة خاصة اخرى وبعد ذلك مع اختين ابي وجدتي واسرتي وكان اليوم مشغول ولكن جيد جدا لان استعددنا كل شىء لحفلة عيد ملاد. في المساء ايضا. استعددت الهدايا. انا متحمسة جدا

“Today I didn’t see Michel the bartender because he is in Milan and I am in my small town called Casale Monferrato now. But I saw some of my favourite people!!! For example in the morning I was with my favourite friend and after that with another special friend and after that with my dad’s two sisters and my grandma and my family and the day was busy but very good because we prepared everything for the Christmas celebration. In the evening also I prepared the presents (new word!! Alhadaya – to be used again tomorrow). I am very excited” 🙂

2 thoughts on “The bartender + presents mini-story

  1. Hello there 🙂
    Ok so it’s mostly correct except for one type and except that it is obvious that it’s composed by a foreigner. Good job.
    One thing to correct is:
    أعدَّ يُعِدُّ to prepare something
    استَعَدَّ يسْتَعِدُّ to prepare oneself
    You can spot the mistake yourself.
    Overall, bravo 🙂

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    1. Aww wow I thought it was much worse!! Yay! Thank you so much for helping me correct 🙂 I had actually used the correct verb initially and then got confused. Great to have your notes to clearly distinguish the two verbs!!!


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