Those olive trees’ secrets

Travel diary, day 5 of 14

I find that olive trees really have something special going on. I was talking about it with Hannah earlier today and kept thinking as we parted ways to have some Quiet Time after our third and last full day in this city of mysteries.

See- we all visit buildings that have a certain relevance to our lives, be it for their history, their sacredness, or even just their beauty; we stand in awe, admire their details and perhaps try to imagine the times when they were erected and the people who contributed to their completion; and meanwhile… an olive tree, a living thing! might have been just there round the corner, watching it all happen, taking it in and feeling the touch of those same hands that created that artificial place we revere so much.

The garden of Gethsemani is definitely a conversation starter in this sense. Apart from the fact it’s next to what is now my favourite church ever, certainly not because of its name -Church of Agony- but rather because I feel that it combines the aspects I most love in both churches and mosques (basically their different kinds of openness, I guess, if I have to summarize) …can you imagine that those olive trees there might have some body cells of Jesus & co. on them, like somewhere in their early strata? If historians have it right, those very olive trees in my pictures are the best gossip girls in the whole universe about whatever happened some 2000 years ago!! And of course, the more olive trees you can spot in the Middle Eastern landscape, the more secrets that translates into!

Deep down I suppose I agree that that’s an eccentric thought. But I like it nonetheless 😉
Others things I like are, for example,

  • knowing that my travel buddy gets as excited as me about taking a tram -partly because trams do not exist in Jordan, or if they do they are perfectly invisibile; and partly just because trams are cool!!-
  • enjoying a good hot chocolate in what I’d define as the most hip, Christmasy coffee shop in all Jerusalem after infinite kilometres of sweaty gasping and panting on the luxuriant Judean hills 
  • exploring a super English church when it was probably meant to be closed but erm I found an open side door
  • discovering I can’t bring myself to lie about my faith and that getting into stunning Al Aqsa mosque at non-visitor times requires some serious knowledge of the Qur’An!!
  • but also getting some insider pics & tales from my favourite sources and thus enjoying the total beauty of that mosaic-enriched architecture 🙂

So here are two silly selfies today, to celebrate the glorious weather and our very bearable lightness of being. Writing in a different mood every day is not an easy exercise, but alas such an intriguing one! Who knows, maybe the olive trees hold the secret for perfect self-tuning too…


Find some other hyper random pics HERE if you shall so desire


Food of the day: a very unhealthy breakfast I don’t want my mum to know about; a zaatar pizzetta and a cheese pastry shared with Hannah; hummus with meat, bread, salad and three falafels that cost way too much; three grissini and two Ferrero Rochers

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