Portrait of my other half

Portrait of my other half

And so the day came. 

Terrible pic I know, but I’m already lucky I got to take one as this was part of my imtihan nihayyi, aka FINAL (ARABIC) EXAM! Which, by the way, went well enough 😉 I’m quite happy with my overall 97.5%!!!

So- writing track: a portrait of your other half. Verrrrry interesting… B) and very easy for someone who had already worked on similar stuff pretty recently! Here’s what I managed to do without having to think every much [super literal translation as usual, because I enjoy this hehehe]:

My other half is not always the same person, but right now he is a very special man. He differs from all the people that I know, and I think that he is the best man that I loved in my life… the best by far. His favourite hobbies are the game of cricket and philosophy and the arts but together we do a thousand other things too. In reality we talk a lot about relationships and life and the future and in particular we talk about our dreams and our morals and our ideas. Every day we exchange interesting questions, sometimes easy but most of the time hard and we try to find answers together. He is very smart and outstanding in every shape/way. He is sweet also and fun and his heart is white. His name is Ty and after three days we will not meet for a long time, maybe without end, but this is not the important because the important is that we got to know each other and now he will always be in my heart ♡

#TeamCheesy #100%real
This piece of writing is totally the main reason why I got a high score, no doubt! Haha

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