The prince of my dreams

You guessed it: it’s another exciting writing exerciiiiise!! Hahaha I LOVE our book 😛
Of course, as usual we were encouraged to use words we have recently learnt. I took my job very seriously, trying to match the vocab at hand with what I actually wanted to say, and here’s what I got:


Description of the prince of my dreams

The prince of my dreams is like a house for my heart.
His arms are a wide door to welcome me
His eyes are windows to give me love
His ears are rooms to listen to me.
It isn’t necessary that the house be big
or beautiful or expensive.
The important thing is that it’s there
on sunny days and on cloudy days.
This is the description of the prince of my dreams.

Kudos to the peeking pandas -courtesy of my sister, straight from Indonesia 😉

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