Hey, my favourite and only brother

Hey, my favourite and only brother

A writing exercise: make a card for someone you know. Wish them happy birthday, holidays, have a nice day, and other good wishes using the new vocab words and these expressions […]

My favourite and only brother,

Congratulations! I’m happy to say to you that after one month, at the beginning of the new year, you will have a new neighbour too: me! I wish you great happiness in this exciting experience. I hope that you will be a good neighbour like me 😉 I know that you are an intelligent young guy with outstanding ideas/thoughts and your dreams have real meaning, but maybe the shape of our morals is different. For this reason the most important thing is that we welcome our friendship above our blood relationship! But in the end, I am sure that we will be excellent neighbours, perhaps the best neighbours in the history of our life!!! I wonder…


Your favourite big sister / Irene

have I ever mentioned how much I love putting words awkardly together in a language that excuses me to do so? 😉

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