My first calligraphic birthday gift

My first calligraphic birthday gift

Exactly a week ago I wrote the following message on my facebook wall:

Friends everywhere, beware: from now on I might only ever gift you terrible calligraphy art from Yours Truly as a psychological strategy to keep practicing despite the challenges!!!

Unpredictably enough for me, a friend of mine immediately took me up on the offer, challenging my assumption that I’d need paint, canvas, and a whole load of stuff I don’t own at the moment and won’t be able to until end of December, for purely logistic reasons. “Challenge everything”, he said; so I did. I used my little calligraphic pen I obtained at the beginning of my calligraphy course, took the back of an exercise sheet from Arabic class, drafted my sentence in pencil once on another corner of paper and then just went with it, photographed it and called it a day!

I’m actually prrretty happy with this first tiny personal exploit of mine in this field- the first time I’ve written something of my choosing, really. So what is it I wrote?

An imperfect pronunciation of it sounds as marra thaania, lo samaht?
An extremely literal translation would be a second time, if you allow?
A less literal translation is again, please; but also can you repeat, please?

and my personal take on it is that marra thaania can, really, stand for anything we want: another chance at doing something, a sort of time machine, a second occasion to understand something, a replay button… you get the jist 🙂 so that’s my gift for my splendidly aging (lol) friend: an ironic question to the world or, why not, to himself – which he may decide to try and answer -or not! Now that I think of it I honestly have no idea if he’ll like this idea or not hehehe. I guess some people could find such a message fairly annoying. But then again, this is not a #YOLO: it’s its perfect opposite. Right?

I’m getting confused myself 😛

Soooo tons of confused wishes for a positive birthday, Dani!! Thank you, truly, for challenging me; and congratulations on receiving my number one composition 😉


5 thoughts on “My first calligraphic birthday gift

    1. Aww that is so nice of you to say and it makes me very happy. Again, I’m really glad you challenged me to it. You’re great at that in general 🙂 Do you want me to keep the original for you or would that be redundant?


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