Eid al Shukr

Eid al Shukr

Thanksgiving: historically controversial all you want, but such a great word and concept.
I am personally very grateful for quite a variety of reasons, one of which is definitely (I’ve said it before) how absolutely fantastic my Arabic teachers are. Today my classmates and I decided to give them a little surprise party consisting of lots of sneaking around to get it right, last-minute replacement photo frames and signatures written with the wrong kind of pen and… they loved it, we loved it, and we all basked in that delightful explosion of love for no less than half  an hour after official classtime!! It was truly WOHOOO ❤ ❤ ❤

Plus, I really enjoyed baking again after such a long time.

So my point is: giving thanks is important and beautiful, and I hope this particular Thanksgiving here will stick to my memory so that, together with all other things, it may help me not to give Arabic up after the end of this course, however much effort that may involve.

Special thanks to all my classmates and, once more, to our teachers Sarah and Muna :* + video credits to “Yasmine Boston”!

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