In the dining room

I’ve recently started to write reviews on TripAdvisor. My lowest review, as you may find, is currently for Sufra (literally dining room in Arabic), a restaurant located in Rainbow Street here in Amman. When I wrote it I was basically annoyed because I had already attempted twice to eat there and it just didn’t happen…so yeah, I gave it two stars only, explaining that with me and my guests they hadn’t done a very good job at dealing with reservations etc. Of course I also made it clear I hadn’t actually eaten there – and that was the whole point of my bad review.

But. Finally. IT HAPPENED! I just had the most delicious Jordanian dinner there with two dear friends!!! Among my nuuumerous qualities we can’t unfortunately find any talent in food eulogies or food photography, so I’ll let Sufra itself do that through its Facebook page materials… I can just vouch for How. Unquestionably. Great. everything was. Beautiful place, too 🙂

Total 10 out of 5 (YES I MEAN IT) and I can’t wait to fix my review on TripAdvisor hahaha…though it’s totally true they could manage their reservations a little better! 😉
Herewith attached: first our personal, super professional pics (!), followed by what I guess are preeetty okay pics and descriptions of nearly everything we had, in the words of Sufra’s staff hehehe. Everything very very Jordanian. I looooove Middle Eastern food!!!!!!
p.s. my absolute favourite was the kubbeh labaneyeh 😛

Have you tried our Dimseh from Sufra’s selection of Cold Mezze? A combination of lentils with aubergine, garlic, tahina & pomegranate molasses dressing.

ما رأيكم بدمسة سفرة؟ طبق من العدس مع الباذنجان بالثوم والطحينية ودبس الرمان.

“Kubbeh labaneyeh”? -Kubbeh with yogurt

Have you tried our Mnazalet beitinjan at Sufra Restaurant? Grilled aubergine covered with minced meat, tomato & pine seeds slowly cooked to perfection!
ما رأيك بتناول فخارة “منزلة الباذنجان” مع اللحمة المفرومة والبندورة في مطعم سفرة؟

*”Fukharat” are clay pots baked slowly to perfection; a must try when visiting Sufra!

Finishing off your your meal with an Arabic dessert is a must at Sufra! How about trying “Aish Elsaraya”? A bread-based dessert with clotted cream and syrup, topped with crushed pistachio.

وجبتكم معنا بتكمل بالتحلاية العربية! ما رأيكم بتذوق عيش السراية في مطعم سفرة؟

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