Getting serious & further proof I was really there

A very quick post as I’m supposed to be revising for tomorrow’s test 😉

Look at what kind of amazing serious things I can now write in Arabic with the words we’ve learnt in class!!!! And after you’ve looked at that, please acknowledge that in fact, as I just found out, there is more than just one proof of my existence in the places I pretend I visited 😀

احيانا، عندما نشعر بالحزن، نشترى اشياء التي لا نجبها

Sometimes, when we feel sad, we buy things that we don’t need.

وصل الى نهاية دراساته بدون اي فكرة عن مستقبله الا نية تغيير العالم

He arrived at the end of his studies without any idea about his future except for the intention to change the world.

Beware: at this pace, I’ll soon start to compose poems in Arabic and that will mark the rapid decline of this blog

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