Going East, i.e. wannabe castles, mystery buffaloes & giant puzzle pieces

Or also: a fun day-trip to the Eastern part of Jordan, including three desert castles, the Al-Azraq wetland reserve, the Blessed Tree and a superwow lunch with a local family in Azraq town 🙂

Stop #1Qasr Al-Harrana
Fun fact: not really a castle! It’s believed it used to be a hotel haha

Stop #2Qasr Amra
Fun fact: guess what? Also not really a castle! It’s believed it used to be a -wait for it- BATHROOM. Like a luxury spa or something. And gossip says some of the UNESCO Heritage frescoes illustrated some pretty naughty scenes… 😉

Stop #3Al-Azraq Nature reserve
Fun fact: there were signs (let’s just leave it at that, signs) of the presence of what we thought would be water buffaloes… but none to be seen!!! A mystery left unsolved 😛
Also, really really beautiful place that I enjoyed a lot. Always nice to see water in Jordan ❤ and among the following pics is also the only proof that I was actually there hahaha!

Stop #4 (yes, it was a wonderfully packed day!): the BLESSED TREE!!!!!
Fun fact: some people say it was already there at the time of prophet Muhammad. Then some other people, who study trees and stuff like that, say that mayyyyybe not and it’s only 500 years old. Either way, I would’ve adored to climb it but it felt so blessed I couldn’t dare!! Best month to visit it, if you want to take note, is apparently April 😉

Stop #5Qasr Al-Azraq
Fun fact: ok this one was a very real castle – with very real opportunities to explore its ruins, put your foot on the wrong spot and get seriously hurt; and also with the most amazing giant puzzle pieces that I do not want anybody to tell me are not puzzle pieces! 😀 I bet you, when Lawrence of Arabia stayed there he must’ve enjoyed putting those together

aaaaand final stop!!! Much dreamt-of FOOD or more specifically stunning maqluba in Azraq town. And then freshly-made bread. And more stuff I didn’t eat but was undoubtedly delicious too 🙂
Fun fact: I might have run out of fun facts!!

Thank you people who came with me, thank you Qasid for organizing this, thank you Jordan for your beauties once more!!! Verrrry happy day 😀 😀

and yeah, this is the extremely banal ending of this post! Yalla byyyyyyee


6 thoughts on “Going East, i.e. wannabe castles, mystery buffaloes & giant puzzle pieces

      1. Sorry, only just seen this. I got a migraine (in the Azraq castle) and ended up vomiting all over the forecourt of the lovely, friendly family who made us lunch and showed us how to make bread…


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