J’adore Jerash

Too magnificent for me to talk about it! As we say in Italian, Jerash re-dimensioned me showing me how little and humble I am; while also reminding me of the greatness that can derive from little humble people just like me working together.

A truly perfect destination for my last day together with my Gang 🙂 and in the afternoon of that same day we also managed to go to Ajloun, which I, however, have already talked about aaaages ago 😉 – while that morning we spent about half an hour at school with my class and marvellous sweet teachers, which personally was one of my favourite highlights of that week!!!

So conclude the touristy flashbacks: I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed them, as Jordan is SUCH an incredibly rich, under-estimated country by many of us in the “West”, and I strongly believe its history and culture deserve to be known.

Bashoofkum ❤

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