Kidnapped (or not) in Wadi Rum part 1

Gang stories, continued.

Where were we? Oh yes. Petra. One of the seven modern wonders of the world (modern so to say, of course. It’s no hanging gardens of Babylon, that’s why).

We got to Wadi Rum just in time to admire its stunning sunset in what seems to be THE place to do it, as it looked like the whole tourist population of the surrounding few square kilometres had been gathered there for the occasion. We ganged up and didn’t mingle 😛 But first, the Story of the Kidnapping was born. You have to know that my uncle is a pretty funny guy who likes to talk very lightly about all that could go wrong in a trip. So as we were driving to a desert gas station for our appointment with our bedouin of reference, he started joking about how that would be a perfect place, and moment, for peeps to kidnap us, because nobody who cared about us would know where exactly we were, nor would worry about us for at least the following 24 hours. I dared to disagree since my GPS was working and spy movies + The Mentalist have thought me that would be enough for the police to find us, but the story planted a little seed in our heads. A seed that was meant to blossom very soon, especially in mine!!

As you can see, the sun went down and we hadn’t been kidnapped yet, which meant my uncle had to re-visit his convictions. I then decided to help him untangle the mystery: obviously it was much more convenient to kidnap people in the dark, when we would be at a complete loss and in much heavier disadvantage compared to the locals, who knew their way around like they knew their own pockets. We basically just had to wait and see!! When our friendly bedouin took us to our tent camp, our suspicions were confirmed: we were the only tourists that evening and our number was matched by that of our hosts! Besides, the camp was lit just about enough to create a nice (I’d say romantic, but the complete lack of romance in my life right now prevents me from doing it) atmosphere… and of course, there was nothing all around it – PERFECT setting for a kidnapping!!!! 😀

However, very disappointingly we got all set up in our respective (luxurious!) tents, had a deliiiicious and abundant dinner, exchanged a few words with them seemingly wonderful people and learnt a few interesting things about bedouin life past and present, enjoyed sage tea with them, chatted among ourselves, two more tourists arrived… and all kept quiet. Once again it seemed that my uncle and I had it all wrong! Except- oh wait, there it goes: one of the guys asks if we want to go with him to the darkest place around there, on his jeep, to do some star-gazing. THERE IT GOES!! That’s the moment! No network, absolute darkness i.e. no sense of orientation (ok we could find help in stars because we’re all awesome scouts, but what’s the use in a desert where you don’t know the location of your car and all your stuff is potentially locked up somewhere? Genius! Genius!!). My uncle and I exchanged conspiratorial looks.

Part 2 of the story coming soon! 😉


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