Amman by night, a week later

So my Gang, as I call it, of Italians/ mentors/ friends/ co-scout leaders/ favourite aunt and uncle but not only (now you see why I like to call it gang for short!) arrived to their hotel in downtown Amman exactly one week ago. On 19th October at this exact time we were probably concluding our dinner with a view -and what a view!- at Wild Jordan, Amman’s beautiful “nature inspired, ethically developed” multi-purpose centre with terrifying prices but awesome quality and one of the best souvenir shops I have seen in my whole life.

Unlike last week, as things were happening, I now feel I am in the condition to share at least some of our Gang Stories with you 🙂 starting from the shortest one: a tiny incomplete photographic tour of Was’t al Balad by night, with views over the Citadel and the Roman Theatre in particular.

I love my city. I also love how it took guests visiting from Italy for me to understand it is now my city. It most definitely is

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