On the road (sort of)/ Tough news

Tough news of the day, people!

  1. My favourite Yemeni restaurant, Bab Al Yemen near the mosque of the University of Jordan, isn’t actually called Bab Al Yemen. I’m devastated by this discovery.
  2. Women not visiting King Hussein Mosque as part of a guided tour or something will basically see nothing inside (at least the outside is super beautiful though!). Also, BYOS: bring your own scarf 😉
  3. Sweet news that have nothing to do with anything here- by total accident, thanks to a local girl, I now know how to get into the Amman Citadel for free, heheheheee
  4. Sufra Restaurant on Rainbow Street is SO GOOD you always need to reserve your table there, even if there’s only one of you. Yep. Zajal restaurant was also good though, I recommend those yummy Aleppo sausages
  5. My guests know shortcuts in the city centre better than me. I need to study hidden stairs more!!!

Last day of road-hitting tomorrow… About 250 photos taken since Thursday. Get ready to get hit by those very soon!

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