Calligraphy class #3: Khaled and beautiful floweeeerrrs

Today we started doing big stuff with the fancy calligraphy stick! I didn’t catch the name of it because, I’ll remind you, the whole class is in Arabic except for our teacher’s favourite slogans in English (he’s so sweet!), like “steb by steb” and “coby… baste!”. I may learn it next week though 🙂 So anyway, he gave each of us a word to start working on and figure out how to distribute the ink and all… The other girls got their names, the teacher’s name or the name of our school. What did I get? Poor depressed single Khaled, of course!!!! It’s a sign of destiny, I have no doubt. I’m sorry, Khaled, for devastating your name. I truly am. But it’s just so haaaard to use the fancy calligraphy stick … and so rewarding to get even just one waw right.


And then there are moments that make you feel like you could fly to Pluto and back (even though Pluto is not a planet anymore… correct? Was it Pluto or did they actually de-throne a different one?):dsc03834dsc03836

…aaaand the first super important sentences everybody should absolutely be able to ink in pretty hand-writing:

  1. Ana hunaa – I am here
  2. Alzahra jamiila – The flower is beautiful.

I have my words ready for Khaled should I ever meet him 😉

2 thoughts on “Calligraphy class #3: Khaled and beautiful floweeeerrrs

  1. I know you already have calligraphy pen and you’re doing great, but I will buy you also from Egypt a pen, just to express how satisfied I am (and I think all teachers as well).
    Can you try with the name of my country on a separate paper when you have the time?

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    1. But of course!! It will be an interesting challenge 🙂 I would even try with the big thingie but I have no ink at home. And thank you, that is so generous of you!! I definitely intend to make Arabic calligraphy one of my long-term hobbies so why not collect all possible pens? 😀


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