Wadi Hasa: one’s first wadi is never forgotten


Forgive me as I’m just too puffed out to describe in detail… but:

THANK YOU EXPERIENCE JORDAN! Thank you lovely hiking buddies, old and new!! People who’ve never been to Wadi* Hasa: you should go!!! – only if you really like hiking though, I think hehe. I absolutely adooooored this first wet hike of mine, the dinosaur-like atmosphere of the Wadi, the stunning colour, composition and dimension of its rocks, our evening charades after dinner, sleeping under the stars with the murmur of the river as a soundtrack, the delicious food our awesome guide prepared us -nothing quite beats Ayman’s breakfast foul!-, all the super-quality chats and, yeah, basically spending two days in a place that is not very conducive to human life and is therefore as pristine as it can get, occasional graffitis on the side.

It felt like an outing with my scout group in a way, and like a Martian landing in another. Twenty-five of the best kilometres of my life for sure!!! ❤ A huuuuge blessing. Hooray for that time when, about 35 million years ago, tectonic plates moved and created this spectacular beauty 🙂

*that’s Arabic for valley, by the way
aaand my stupid poses totally have a reason: we were playing “Miss Wadi” and I believe they earned me the (symbolic) prize! 😉

Later addition: official photos from Experience Jordan!! Love them! ❤ Link to their Facebook page here 

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