I may have never told you yet that, for reasons I am yet to uncover, I am quite an unbelievably lucky person. Like, really. Little personal miracles happen to me all the time – or, better, not exactly all the time all the time, but let’s say all the time once a month or so.

 Today most definitely was my Lucky October Day. 

First of all, I went to buy my first very own hiking backpack (a huuuuge personal satisfaction) and thus met The Cutest Smartest & Best-Looking Shop Assistant In The World, which is a pretty nice thing by itself; and in doing so I got such good discounts by just literally asking for them once that, with the same money I was planning to spend on the backpack alone, I got a waterproof backpack liner and a luxury head-lamp too. All really excellent quality stuff, by the way; totally recommended shop. Note: the miracle resides in the fact I am NOT a good negotiatior at all!!! But there’s more! I was lucky enough that the taxi driver who’d taken me there -in the middle of nowhere, to be precise, as TREKS is a wooonderful wonderful shop but it’s basically located where nobody will want to take you– agreed to wait for me and go back to the city together, AND later accepted pretty quickly that I was gonna pay him what I was gonna pay him, rather than what he wanted me to pay which was double the amount. Guess next time you might be more inclined to turn on that meter, man! 😉

So that was an extremely good start of the afternoon. But the most miraculous miracles happened in the evening!!! Justine and I were in the kitchen, near the stove, chatting and making dinner for our housemate night in… And WHOOSH!! All of a sudden THE HUGEST FLAME came out in the weirdest sudden way and kinda TOUCHED HER!!!!!! It was like a circle of at least forty cm diameter if not more and it came out horizontally from the front stoves, I can’t even describe how quick and big and scary it was!!!!!! Like…now I think I understand better how Moses must have felt when God appeared to him in a sudden fire, for example. So anyway luckily she was okay, the flame just touched her for a millisecond and nothing caught fire or anything, but we just took a moment to share our shock there and then realised all the stoves had lost their flames. So we thought we had run out of gas and were thinking of who we should call when Kelsey got back home. Now- we had just finished telling her everything, literally JUST FINISHED, when the doorbell rang. Thursday night at 7.30pm, we have no friends in the building, weren’t waiting for anybody, and the doorbell rang. And it was Samir, the guy from our school who usually helps us with this kind of stuff but whom we didn’t want to bother on this occasion because he doesn’t live in the building!! We were like…WEOOOOOW. How did this happen?

Turns out he was there to check on our oven, as days before we had reported that it didn’t work. He just happened to be there at the best possible time. And guess what? Not only he showed us that our oven does work -though to be fair it did require particular technique to be understood- but he also managed to get the gas going again!!!! The mystery of that giant flame will remain… But at least we got our delicious dinner cooked. And I got a story to tell 😉

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