The happiest man in the world

Now: I love my classes and think the curriculum we’re following is incredibly well-organised, super effective and all you want – that’s a given. BUT… there’s a but. Be it the result of a rather quirky sense of humour or a reflection of the authors’ own state of being (in which case I’d be extremely sorry for them!), the book we are using is DEPRESSING, so is its main rolling story (“The story of Maha and Khalid“, for those who’ve never heard of it… highly recommended on your dark rainy nights alone) and even more so the illustrations we’re often required to use as a basis when producing written pieces.

I mean, it’s not only exercise sentences of the likes of She feels very lonely because her mother died when she was a child and she has no husband, or She has no friends and always goes from home to uni, from uni to home without talking to any of her colleagues. Just look at these horrid, horrid pictures here! The guy only ever smiles when he has a shower!! What kind of story is this supposed to inspire us with?!


After four chapters of dramatic characters who find no joy in life even when talking about food and favourite hobbies, I have decided to take matters in my own hands. Earlier today I looked at my homework and told myself I would make it my personal challenge to transform this pineapple-looking guy in The Happiest Man In The World. And so I DID! And since I was at it, I named the main character after my good friend Yaman 😀dsc03730

The story, which must of course still follow the pictures, goes a bit like this:

Yaman is a very happy man, the happiest you’ve met in all the world. Every morning Yaman wakes up at seven and he is happy because he always sleeps wonderfully. After that he quickly takes a shower and he’s happy because he likes water. He normally is also happy when he enjoys breakfast with his beautiful wife and while he reads the newspaper and listens to the radio.


At eight fifteen Yaman leaves his house to go to his workplace at the Bank of Egypt by bus. He loves his job a lot and after beginning at half past eight time goes by fast and at two, finished*!! He is happy because he can play basketball with his favourite friend Khaldoon**! In the evening at eleven thirty he sleeps – but his wife doesn’t, because she loves staying up late and reading a lot! This is the life of Yaman, the happiest man in the whole world!!!

*I know, I know, I just had no idea how else to say that his work day ends at 2pm 😛
**Not a random name 😉

Can I play with my friendly hashtags? #HappiestManOnAlKitaab #SystemSubverted #BOOM #HeLikesWaterrrr
and I just LOVE writing!!!!!!

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