I saw “Salt of this sea” and it changed my soul

I saw “Salt of this sea” and it changed my soul

This evening I went to a film screening organised by Darat al Funun (yep, it’s the same art gallery I keep talking and posting about – quite simply, they’re hyperactive). The film in question was Salt of this sea, which I had never heard of before; by Annemarie Jacir, a director I had never heard of before.


It was made in 2008, and as far as I can tell it’s still an incredibly accurate picture of the situation in Palestine. I don’t want to summarize its plot or give a full critique here. I can only repeat what my recent new (and extraordinary!) friend Elisa, who came with me, was telling me before tonight: you HAVE TO watch it.

She was right. Everybody should watch it. And I will watch it again if I ever have the chance. Some things just need to be told and shown and this film, in my actually-not-so-humble opinion, tells and shows them extremely well. Jacir manages to alternate moments of fun and relative normality with all it means to be Palestinian, all it means to be in Palestine, and the role that Israel plays in that.

You cannot leave it without feeling changed from within. Personally, I left feeling enriched with essential knowledge, empowered with strenghtened passion for certain values, and truly hurt for the absurd limitations on freedom that are imposed on a daily basis on people just like me by other people who are, in theory, also just like me. This is something that enrages me and saddens me, and that will definitely be a problem when I go through the checkpoint to enter Palestine and Israel in December. But I agree with Soraya, the main character of Salt of this sea: we need to tell the truth, always, no matter how much harder it will make our lives.

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I also agree with Michael Moore!


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