Two wheels & 40k (with my crush)

Maybe I shouldn’t talk about my crush. Maybe. And I will cunningly avoid to post his picture here 😀

The story is that I really wanted to try this cycling trip with Nader Bikes from Amman to Mount Nebo and my friend Alice was happy to come too, so… YEAH WE MADE IT and it was EXTRAORDINARY!!! I wasn’t even 100% sure I could manage 40k on hilly ground, as I had never tried anything like that before; and I certainly never knew I’d be so excited to wake up at 4.45am in order to do so! But it was easier than expected, super inspiring, motivating and… you know, it just felt really really good ❤ ❤ ❤

Besides, Ali is fantastic company and of course it was niiiiiice to even just see my crush again, say hi and stuff, look at him bike and all of those silly teenagerish things 😉

The Best Surprise Meeting Award goes to a not-so-young man on his donkey who said “one dinar” as I took a photo of him. I replied “one kiss” and blew him one. Not sure he was satisfied with that, but the donkey just kept going hehehe.

So I guess I just want to say thank you, Nader Bikes. It doesn’t always happen that you move to a new city and find all these amazing initiatives for trips and cool physical activities (for such honest prices, by the way!!). You guys are great and will probably never read this post, haha. Also because if you did, my crush would quickly find out about his secret role in my life hahaha 😛

Now let’s conclude with a video that has absolutely nothing to do with this and is actually quite useless, in general (catchy title though, right?). Fun fact: this morning within five hours I had breakfast, two cereal bars, one KitKat, and one sandwich. Such is my appetite when cycling!! But hey, enjoy your World Cup fireworks and my balcony view 😉

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