Do it

Today I went to an open guided tour at Darat al Funun art gallery – “a home for the arts and artists from the Arab world”.

I went: I walked! The gallery is in Weibdeh, about 6km away from my house, and you should know that Amman is not made for walkers. It was mentally exhausting more than physically, but I’m extremely glad I walked. During my 80′ of venturing (about 15′ I think I lost by…getting lost :P) I crossed neighbourhoods I would have otherwise kept ignoring and saw so much more real life than I generally do on a daily basis!! I went through what I’d call Traditional Fashion Street; admired the most menacing mannequins ever; was really struck by a sudden panoramic point amid garbage and half-destroyed abandoned building; learnt how steep, long and scary staircases can be in this hilly city;  and met kittens and children at play in the corner between their house and the street. Two little girls talked to me and it was super cute. I also saw a skinny boy with a Messi t-shirt climb two metres of wall in three literal seconds. And I now wish I could spend more time around children here 🙂

Then I finally found the gallery, and once again it was not what I expected. Not at all! But I LOVED IT and I think each of the elements of participatory art it currently hosts -“Do it: workshops, activations, performances and activities“- is absolutely brilliant and needs very special attention… so I’ve decided that for the next week or even two weeks, regardless of my other posts or non-posts, I’ll feed you daily art pills from the current exhibitions. Like them or ignore them 😉

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