Calligraphy class #1: dots and alifs √

wp-1475219655949.jpgI knew it, I knew it, I knew iiiiiit: I LOVE CALLIGRAPHY. I love it so much I can even somewhat understand the professor despite of his 95% Arabic-only approach. I actually feel that’s great practice too.

Today I had my first two-hour class and it felt like thirty minutes. Still got to practice those alifs though!! Who would have thoughtwp-1475219585747.jpg such a simple-looking letter could be that tough to nail… I guess Arabic uncovers deep philosophic thoughts everywhere you look hahaha 🙂

And I adore those dots. So relaxing. So beautiful. So perfect. So dotty.

Thursday afternoons are going to be a new regular joy here and I am super grateful once more ❤

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