Pizza Rania

…because pizza in Amman has so far proved to be beautiful, delicious and all you want, but just not a “Margherita” 😛

According to Pizza Hut, a pizza margherita. I loved it; but super thick bready texture, tons of cheese and no tomato sauce to be seen make me want to rename it 😉
Shams Al Balad, a super cute vegetarian organic restaurant near Rainbow Street
I love cactuses and Evil Eyes (and that makes me think of my beloved Istanbul)
Great atmosphere, excellent company (…invisible here, but really I wasn’t alone hahaha) and WOW this taboun (maybe?)/pizza with zucchini and pesto was AH.MA.ZING!!!!! I could’ve happily had three of them and will definitely go back for more!! Now that’s what I’m glad to call a pizza, though unusual!!!

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