First presentation: my favourite hobby!

My favourite hobby
Irene, 25/09/2016

An imprecise translation

  1. Since my childhood, I have had MANY hobbies.
  2. For example, I love hiking (and my dad loves hiking, too!),
  3. swimming in the sea,
  4. I love doing things with my family, in general: my mum Elisabetta, my dad Gabriele, my little brother Aurelio and my little sister Viola
  5. When I was a child, I did gymnastics. I was not good… but my friend was fantastic. Her name is Elena.
  6. I also love cooking with my friends. In this picture, these friends are from New Zealand, Germany and Italy. We made gnocchi, an Italian food.
  7. And I love WEDDINGS, very very very much!!! This is the wedding of my friend M from Denmark, in England.
  8. This is the wedding of my friend K, in India
  9. And this is the wedding of my friend B, in America in the state of Kentucky.
  10. But there is one hobby that is my favourite of all. It is scouting. I have been a scout for 20 years
  11. Scouting is my favourite hobby because I have everything there: my brother, my sister and my best friend are also scouts. My best friend’s name is Miriam. Also, my maternal aunts, my aunt’s husband and their son are scout leaders. (I also have many friends in the scouts – forgot to say this hehe)
  12. With the scouts, I hike
  13. I do gymnastics
  14. I cook
  15. And in the summer we go to the sea or to the river!
  16. Now I am a scout leader too, with children (easier to say than “teenagers”!!) and I love them very much.
  17. There is only one problem: with the scouts I don’t go to weddings!!
  18. But it’s ok because we travel to beautiful places. Thank you!

Khalas… can’t believe I’ve talked for six minutes 😀
And of course I now realise I’ve made mistakes etc etc, but whatever- I just won’t make them in class hehehee.


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