Surprise, surprise

I.e. all that’s surprised me in Jordan so far.
Random order. With hashtags for the fans 😉

  1. The cleaning lady is actually two CLEANING GUYS!!! The most efficient pair of middle-aged men I have ever met: they cleaned the whole apartment super awesomely in, like, 10 minutes. I was shocked and wowed and I want them to show all lazy non-cleaning guys in the world how it’s done!! #respekt

  2. THIS MOON #whoknewmycamerahadsuchgoodzoom
  3. It’s going to sound stupid, but… well, I’ve met some Muslim girls I could’ve never known were Muslim hadn’t they told me themselves. #StereotypesShattered

  4. OMG THE KING (Abdullah II) loves extreme sports and adventure!! He goes -or at least used to go- hiking, skydiving, scuba diving, exploring dangerous canyons, he gets dirty and sweaty, he rides his motorbike and drives helicopters, he was in the army taking risks like normal people, and in fact he didn’t even want to be king aaand you might wonder where I’ve taken all this info from. The answer is that yesterday we watched an amazing documentary after class- one where a younger King Abdullah spends 5 days with an English-speaking journalist while travelling to some of Jordan’s most spectacular places by pretty much all means of transportation. You can actually find it on YouTube, which is great and hiiiighly recommended: The Royal Tour – Jordan – with King Abdallah. #me2pls!
  5. People here are sooo much BETTER AT ENGLISH than Italians are!! Seriously! I feel ashamed for my co-nationals as a whole, though of course all the Italians I’ve met here are great at English and foreign languages in general 🙂 Well done Jordanians, not sure how you do it but mabruk, min qalbiy!!! (“congratulations from my heart”…I think hahaha). #respekt(2)
  6. The ARAB SENSE OF HUMOUR & POLITICAL OPENNESS I’ve found in certain shops, or shall I say on certain items of merchandise. See for yourself…! From “My big sister takes drugs” to “The night my father went to jail” and the posters about refugees and segregation in the Israeli-Palestinian territory, from the Arab Simpsons to the Gangnam Style t-shirt… I was aaaawed. Again, #StereotypesShattered but also #respekt(3) and #I’mGonnaGetOneOfThose


  7. My teacher Sarah made SAGE TEA for all of us in my class simply because one of us wasn’t feeling too well. #deepLove

    And that’s it for now, honestly! I guess I’m not one who gets surprised super often 😉 I really love these seven surprises here though!!!

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