150 new words

I guess my vocab now amounts to about 200 hahaha 😀
Going well! If only I remembered their correct spelling…

2 thoughts on “150 new words

    1. Yes I am! I knew just a little bit before coming to Jordan (I knew the alphabet, how to read and write extremely slowly, and yeah maybe 50 words). Now I’m going to school for 2.5 hours every day and I find that memorizing the grammar is no problem, the pace is fine; but I also find it very hard to memorize words, so that’s why I decided to recur to some tricks I used with kids when I taught English to Italians!! 🙂 basically I play games with myself: I write the new word in English and in Arabic on two separate “cards”, and then I play memory (do you know what it’s like? I can explain otherwise), or other card games, and I can’t move from colour to colour until I get all the words right in the first batch. Each batch is about 25 words, 30 max., so it isn’t unmanageable but it isn’t easy either!! Sometimes I ask my housemates to pick some of the words randomly and quiz me. The good thing is you can carry these around with you and play even just for five minutes every now and then 🙂 I must say 150/week is a bit too much and I don’t remember all of them perfectly yet, but I think 100 is feasible and still a good result. Good luck and feel free to ask me more if I haven’t been clear or anything!! I’d love to visit Lebanon one day 🙂


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