Sounds of Amman: an incomplete compilation

Soooo in the end my 3-day trip was cancelled, for fairly obscure reasons. But that’s no problem! Thanks to my wonderful housemates I was quickly provided with some great back-up plans 😉 and here I am annoying you with another blog post!! Hehehe.

You have to know that Amman is a very…musical city: besides the roar of its mighty (and numerous!) vehicles, you are most likely to always hear other sounds, too. Sometimes they may be easily recognizable, other times less so; and in certain cases it may take you days and days of anxious research to understand where these sounds come from and WHY. Here’s a personal top 3 compilation of the sounds of Amman I like and will certainly miss – but note: I haven’t managed to capture my most favourite of all yet!!! When you hear it you’ll know why I love it so much and how it conquered the hearts (and/or the hatred) of thousands of foreigners 😉 #oneday

Now please forgive my terrible film-shooting skills (I don’t want to make anybody sea-sick but I just can’t help myself) and let’s go straight to 3rd place! My bronze medal goes toooooo… beautifully-dressed DRUM PLAYERS!!! 

To say that my presence embarrassed them is probably an understatement – and they had just finished their fairly long performance for what I presume was a wedding party in my neighbourhood (sorry I couldn’t record that one! It was awesome, I could hear them from my study room) but that one guy kept playing nonetheless, didn’t he? 😀

Next up on the podium is the Gas Truck Theme, much talked about by others before me, too (I particularly enjoyed reading this post by other expats living in Amman). This is related to my Favourite Sound of Amman, but it isn’t the same. What is it? Basically the tune that gas sellers use to let people know they’re there.

Don’t you adore its extraordinary high-pitched pixelated music?! 😀 😀 😀

But now. First and beloved, ever since 2011 actually (when I lived in Turkey)… yes I know, it’s not original and maybe it isn’t even culturally sensitive to love this so much given that I’m not Muslim – but muezzins sing SO WELL and I truly sincerely honestly love their calls to prayer!! They just make you feel so… at peace, at home, and conforted! At least that’s the effect they produce in me and I wish I could hear this everywhere in the world ❤

For Eid there was a little variation:

…I’ll be back when I’ve succeeded in recording my SuperFavourite!! Hope you enjoyed these other sounds in the meantime 🙂



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