Three Jordanian hand gestures

Just quickly because, despite my five hours of study yesterday, I am yet to finish my homework for this morning’s lesson… there you go! Three hand gestures explained by my lovely teacher Muna. I hope I’m getting them right!! 🙂

One thought on “Three Jordanian hand gestures

  1. That was very cute 🙂
    Ok, so the first gesture, yes it’s a sign of asking for patience or calming down. Fun fact is that in Turkey it means “beautiful / delicious / very good”. It always made me laugh when the Turks did that with their hand while trying to tell me that this dish is delicious or so!
    Second with the chin, it comes from the concept of “This is my beard, and if I can’t hurt you, I will shave it”, as in “this is my beard, sign of my manhood and respect in the society, and I am strong enough to harm you or have revenge”. It’s mostly a sign of real threat as in “wait for it, and you will see”, and mostly it’s about revenge not harm out of the blue.
    The third is confusing I admit, it’s a threat but also we took it from Europeans as “excellent”!
    I’d like to share a 4th one with you, I do here in Romania and none notices, but in Turkey they laughed at me. I tap on my chest whenever I say “Thanks” and the complete gesture is touching the side of forehead (similar to military salutation) and then tapping on the chest. The meaning is “you’re on my head and in my heart”, and it’s a sign of gratitude. Let us know if Jordanians also do that like us, Egyptians, or no.

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