Amman Design Week: photo & video tour

Postcards from a thoroughly beautiful, inspiring evening.

Amman by night
Downtown Amman by night, Roman theatre and all 

Amman design week
Amman Design Week, Crafts District (Raghadan Tourist Terminal)

Amman design week - food and drink.jpg
My dinner and drink of choice 🙂

Amman design week - my fav shop.jpg

(ok, maybe second only to the gastronomic specialty shop where we tried tons of super-duper-delicious stuff that I’ve decided I’ll buy later on as Christmas presents to my family ;))

Musical soundtracks:

Zareef Al Tool – Hamza Aqrabawi in Hashmieh Square, downtown Amman, as part of the “9th Hakaya Festival – storytelling and performing arts, workshops, seminars. To reclaim the centrality of stories for learning, art, and life” (

Two young musicians play what I suppose to be traditional Jordanian music (but I don’t actually know). I loved them! And liked the mega-smiley one hehehe

Big thanks to my housemate Justine for her great company 🙂
and yalla byyyyyeeee

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