This morning was EPIC. I had so much fun 😀

My two housemates and I had an appointment at 9am with a guy who works at our school to sort our visa extension.

People from quite a few countries including Italy and the US don’t need to do any lenghty queuing at Jordanian embassies abroad to get a visa before their trip- we just buy it once at the airport; but this visa only lasts for a month and it needs to be extended as soon as possible. The first extension is free (or…our school paid for it, I don’t know :P) and is valid for three months, the second costs something like one dinar and gets you to six months, after which you MUST exit the country for at least a short trip outside the borders before you re-enter if you wish.


So we cheerfully walked to school, equipped with our passports and thinking we’d be back home in fifteen minutes. Fools! It was way better than that: the guy (who was nice though not very talkative) drove us aaaaall across the city, to the East, to a police station I wouldn’t be able to describe more precisely and looked like a fortress on the outside, with a stunning view. Too bad it was forbidden to take pics all around the area!

A lot of the blue people in the fortress seemed very young, many seemed relaxed and lots looked at us with ill-concealed curiosity as our identities were checked at the entrance (my passport photo is so ugly they found it hard to recognize me :P) and we waited for our turn.

But the really fun part came when we learnt we had to get fingerprinted, yes… the old-fashioned way! Like, I had already been fingerprinted in the US I think, maybe Canada too, even Burkina Faso- but it had always been through digital scans and wow, nothing beats the excitement of putting your fingertips on a block of real ink and pressing them on little squares on paper under the supervision of a guy in a uniform!! I don’t know, I just LOVED IT!!!!! We did one finger at a time, then the four right together, four left together, and finally the lonely thumbs. The result of all this work is this beautiful piece of writing which will now give me legal status until end of November –>


Can’t wait to go back for the second round! 😉

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