Dead Sea, lively people :)

I must’ve previously already mentioned my new friend Bader. He’s Jordanian, we met through the CouchSurfing platform, and he took me on a driving (and eating!) tour of Amman on my first evening here. But he’s also such an incredibly generous person that he couldn’t just leave it at that… so yesterday he took me and my lovely roommate Kelsey to the DEAD SEA!! Let me tell you eight awesome things about that.

1. Bader’s background music on the way there and back, and the view from the car (all pics are absolutely unedited to show you without filters how hazy the sky is sometimes, and how naturally beautiful everything is 🙂 )

2. This -I found it funny


3. The view from the panoramic point we got off at, and the changing colours of the water, human settlements and the mountains as the sun set behind them

4. The cute little girl who smiled at me lots (no pics for obvious reasons)
5. Bader’s amazing skills as a photographer (just a little extract here ;))

6. Mocking the “don’t fall off the rocks!” signpost


7. About five hours of super-quality conversation with Kelsey and Bader (we raised many interesting cultural points I’d like to talk more about, but this post is already long enough!)
8. …and the superb gastronomic experience Bader invited us to once back in Amman: the most delicious falafel sandwich I had ever had and… PIZZAAAAA hahahahaa!


It was yummy. It really was 🙂

So now I’d like to officially thank Bader once more for the excellent, excellent experience, his exceptional kindness and, well, also his gigantic patience when trying to have a reasonable conversation in Arabic with me! I wish I had a video for that, too, but I don’t and I can just say I was pretty satisfied with that- 100 times better than my oral test of Tuesday, for sure!! 😛 Also thanks to Kelsey for coming with us :):)

Up next: school trip to Ajloun tomorrow!! And a dip in the Dead Sea next time we go. I want to try its peculiar consistency!



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