Day 1 in Amman!!


Just a re-post from Facebook for now, forgive me but I’m still busy getting organized. All is great though!!! I’m here I’m here I’m heeeere and now really need to learn Arabic hahaha

Talk soon and, p.s. if you know me personally, know Italian and want to receive my weekly tales in my mothertongue, just write me and give me your email address! I write every Monday 🙂 xxx

I arrived in the city at 4.30am, slept for four hours, and since then managed to put my foot under a falling brick when I left the house for the first time, nearly left my passport in a mall, and had a non-conversation with a random guy who helped me with my key, stuck in the keyhole. But I have also already met seven fellow students, found a cheese I like (and my exact brand of breakfast cereal!), got a Jordanian phone number, tidied all my stuff, cleaned around and started watching TV dramas in Arabic. Good first day!!!

Edit: the day ended only after I had shawarma and was shown around the city by super kind CSer Bader!! 😀

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